Albania: The Rebuilding and Stabilization of a Country

    This paper was written as a senior thesis for my European Studies degree at the University of Washington. It covers events in Albania from the fall of Communism in 1991 to the present and follows the crises and developments that the country faced in attempting to creater a democratic prosperous government.

The paper begins by providing a brief historical background on Albania from the 1940s to 1990, during which Enver Hoxha ruled. This period is  incredibly important in the history of Albania, as it allows one to better understand the condition of Albania when it began its transition to a possible democracy in 1991. The paper then transitions into describing political developments and the high political instability of Albania following the first multiparty elections in 1991. The next section discusses the economy of Albania, beginning with its condition in 1989 and moving on from there. The section begins by analyzing the reasons for the extreme poverty and instability of the Albanian government, which had been severely crippled under Enver Hoxha's oppressive rule. The paper then continues with a discussion of the economic growth in the early 90s, and the subsequent collapse of the Albanian economy in 1997 due to widespread pyramid schemes. The next section in the paper contains information about the success/failure of reforms that have been undertaken in Albania since the fall of communism. The paper then moves on to analyze the current continuing instabilities that are found within Albania's economy and its politics. It then finishes up with a conclusion.

Length: 35 pages (including bibleography)   Written: April 2003-June 2003

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